Jack Nicholson, you old dog! Jennifer Lawrence gets a taste of randy goat’s unique charm

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We are desperate to know what he said to her. Send us your best guesses.


Cara Delevingne rules at LFW – and highlights fact the super is no more

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There was barely a catwalk that went untrodden by Cara Delevingne this London Fashion Week. Her rise from snub-nosed ingenue to model of the moment has been whirlwind. Last season she was big news. This season she was THE news.
Show reports went in on her opening, or closing. Newspapers and websites were replete with stories about her off-stage antics. As one Cara’d-out friend put it, ‘Cara goofs around! Cara eats burgers! Cara has friends! Cara breathes!’.

But for me, who thinks she does a good job of looking and being unique among the pale-faced, skinny Eastern Europeans everywhere else, it really highlights the lack of any other standout models.

In the nineties we had the supers, in the noughties we still had Kate. Now there’s really just Cara.

Jordan Dunn is beautiful, but doesn’t generate the buzz that Cara manages.

Karlie Kloss – so incredibly magnetic in stills – walked the Burberry show, but still didn’t bring it like Cara, with her cheeky smile and beetle brows.

So where are all the one-offs? Answers (with pics please!) on a postcard.




Happy New Year! Wish your NYE photo looked like Cindy Crawford’s? You’re not alone…

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Happy Christmas one and all. Now take me somewhere hot before I dissolve

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Just before Christmas I said I’d post about my homemade holly wreath. There was a whole painful saga behind it: from discovering you had to pay £20 for a wilting wreath at homebase and B&Q through multiple holly-gathering missions and torturous sessions with gardening twine and secateurs as I wrestled the holly into some sort of circular form. Anyway, it’s a little too late for it to be of any use, but I have to post it given the blood (literally), sweat and tears that went into it. So here is the homemade holly wreath in all its glory:


The shopping list:
Two bags of holly, pilfered from local church yard
One wire coat hanger (a genuine wire wreath circle would be better, but as this was an effort at a thrifty Christmas decoration, I used the hanger. Not ideal as there is not much for the wire to grip onto and the holly slides around).
One pack glitter pine cones, £3.99, B&Q. Half to three quarters of a pack used.
Plant wire, £2.99, hardware stores

Festive Kirsty moment: Making a mini Christmas tree scene

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Earlier this week, in a completely as yet unheard of move, I got all festive on a few baby Christmas trees from Tesco and did THIS:


I’d seen the idea on a design blog and loved it – and making decorations at Christmas always makes me feel so much more festive than buying it (don’t get me wrong, I love to buy shit too of course).
My theory is that precious time + effort = maximum enjoyment of result (and a bit of that festive smugness that old Allsopp feeds off all year round).

When I started out on this mini project I didn’t anticipate it would cost over 50 quid, take eight journey to almost 20 different shops looking for mini trees (shocked to find the last place I looked – Tesco – was the place); price comparison on baby baubles; hunting for LED lights that were golden not blue-ish… but the way I see it, next year I’ll only have to buy the green stuff.

Whaddya think? Next post: Homemade holly wreath.

Merry Christmas!

Trees: £3 each, Tesco
Planter: £18 (bit pricey, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find an indoor window box), local florist
Moss, £2, florist
Mud, £3.29, Homebase
Lights: £4.99 from Robert Dyas (make sure to get ‘soft white’ otherwise they will look blueish and dreary.
Baubles: £3, 50% off @ Urban Outfitters. Paperchase do similar @ £4.

The apple never falls far from the tree: Romeo Beckham, 10, makes his modelling debut for Burberry

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We always knew Romeo Beckham was destined for a career in modelling, we just didn’t think it would start so soon.

The sartorially inclined mini-me was hand-picked by Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey to be the face of Burberry’s SS13 campaign – not bad for a ten-year-old.

Vic & Dave’s offspring looks adorable  in a trench and suit – but the ad kind of leaves us wondering who the two hanger-ons on the right are… talk about stealing the show.

Mr Bailey said: ‘This season’s campaign lights up with the infectious energy of an amazing young cast of old and new Burberry family.

‘We had such fun shooting the campaign and I think that comes through in the images, which really reflect the upbeat spirit of the collection.’

We expect big things from Beckham junior…Watch this space.



Work out in style, because we always need a good excuse to go to the gym

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Jumpers aren’t they only way to be fashionably festive right now.

You can also make a celebratory statement with a pair of super cool limited edition Nike Pro Oslo Glow Printed Women’s Tights.

We can think of nothing more motivating than a cute outfit but in case you need more, the leggings combine hi-tech performance features with a Scandinavian-inspired digital print.

Or you could skip the workout and wear them to lunch with a chunky knit instead…

Just do it, yaaar.

Wear paired with a smart tailored coat…

…Or working out

Stockist: Nike Town London / nikestore.com

Shoes, glorious shoes! Bionda Castana unveils SS13 collection, cheers us up on coldest day of the year

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There is only one shoe that guarantees a compliment every time we step out in them…

Not Louboutins, not Choos…. but Bionda Castanas – the go-to stems ensured to get you noticed.

Actually, BC’s are not so much heels as stand-alone works of art that can make you forget to match them to actual clothes.

Trust us, we do not lie.

If you have doubts, just check out the British label’s stunning new SS13 campaign, shot by Aaron Tilley.

The collection features woven raffia trims, hand-appliquéd silk flowers and scalloped edges in shades of coral, crisp apple green, cornflower blue, and sundrenched red, tempered by summer neutrals.

Shapes will satisfy your wardrobe’s every desire – from girly flat sandals and boyish flat buckle brogues, to mules, platforms, wedges and sexy summer ankle boots.

Oh we want them all, all, all.

The latest collection has been described as ‘like opening a box of perfect pastel macaroons or biting into a fresh fruit salad, capturing everything that’s delicious about summer.’

If only we could remember what that feels like!

Thankfully we have the shoes to cheer us up on the coldest day of the year.

Shoes always cheer us up.


Things no one tells you about your fancy caviar manicure before you get it done

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1) 33% of the balls will have fallen off before you get to wherever it was you wanted to show off your new nails.

2) A large majority of the rest will fall off every time you undo a button, open a can of drink, get something out of your bag, rearrange your hair, wash your hands. Need I go on?

3) Just enough will remain, stuck stubbornly fast, that you will have them clinging to your nails for a week looking like you’ve been digging in soil.

4) That deep, midnight blue-black tone? Won’t last. The blue ones rub off to silver in minutes leaving you with a naff glittery effect nail.

5) Those balls? Rock hard. Imagine biting down hard on tiny bits of gravel every time you eat something with your hands.

6) The remaining balls will create a rough surface that will snag on everything – woolly jumpers, hair etc.

7) The remaining balls form a granite-hard surface that is nobbly with it. That means scratching yourself (and others) painfully with your manicure. No one should be injured by their own manicure.

8) You know how men with beards get all sorts of food stuck in the hairs? Now imagine what might happen when soft boiled egg makes contact with the caviar manicure. Not pretty. And surprisingly difficult to remove.

In short, eggy, painful. Good for a day, a bane for a week.

Still better than a French though (don’t get me started).

Note to the Middletons! Alice Temperley opens new flagship Mayfair store

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While many a label are making cutbacks or going under, Alice Temperley’s stock just keeps on rising (thank you, Duchess of Cambridge!)

The British designer has just opened a new flagship store on Bruton St in Mayfair, and we must say, it is rather purty.

The 2,500 sq ft of stylish retail space includes her signature label, the Alice by Temperley collection and collaborations with Barbour.

Upstairs is a bridalwear salon and office headquarters.

It’s worth checking out for the new line of printed silk pajamas and kimono-style dressing gowns alone.

Alice told WWD: ‘I wanted the store to have a gentle, welcoming feel. And I want the space to have a heritage feel, but also grow and evolve.’

Watch this space for more openings in New York and the Middle East.

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